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Technology often takes over for a while. Even for business cards, a solution has now been devised. And don't forget the gadget to fill in your WiFi password.

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About Tappy.

Tappy is a clever sticker. It is the same size as a €2 coin. And on it, you can find all the necessary information you want to have on it. From your own Instagram to your company's website or even your address. (Maybe handy for the people who lose their phone all the time ; )


Our webapp is coming.

We are busy with our webapp. So you will soon be able to create your own splash page quickly and easily. And this. For absolutely nothing! Are you excited, too? Then let's go for it together.

Personalised style

(Almost) your entire splash page is customisable. For example. Themes and buttons.


Your long links from spotify. Get changed to an embed link in the app right away 😮

Simple design

Because this should be available to everyone. It is very easy to adapt.


You only have to buy a tag once and it lasts a long time. People save the link.


No new business cards all the time, no wasting paper and no transport every time.


You don't have to pay anything for our sticker. You just have to take possession of it after paying for the sticker.

Business solution

Our solution for businesses.

When we were asked about the solutions for companies. Well, there you are. We hadn't thought about that yet. But now the whole idea has been worked out and you could see it for yourself. Or yes. See for yourself.